Private policy

Chonnam National University Dental Hospital (hereinafter referred to as 'hospital') obeys the following policy of [Protection of Personal Information] of the act on the regulations of [Communications Network Utilization, etc.] and protection of personal information based on the [Guide to Protection of Personal Information] established by the Ministry of Information and Communication in order to protect personal information of the internet service users using the Chonnam National University Dental Hospital website (hereinafter referred to as 'homepage'). 'Homepage' may update the Protection of Personal Information policy due to change in governmental laws and instructions without notice. We urge members to check here from time to time for any updates.

Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use
'Homepage' collects personal information to fulfill members’ requests for internet appointments, consultation, appointment verifications, consultation reply, etc., online and offline announcements to provide various information, and essential minimum information for statistical analysis.We will not use such information for purposes other than those described above, and if there is a change in the range of information collection, purpose, or use, we will have the members’ prior consent.
Personal Information Collection
We collect the following personal information to register it to the homepage. The social security number of the member is saved in a form in which decoding is impossible for the protection of personal information, and such information will not be used except in the case of inevitable circumstances such as personal authentication and linked health services.
  • Collection Items : name, social security number, address, phone number, password, email address, IP information, height, weight, blood type, occupation
  • Personal Information Collection Method : homepage (services such as consultation, registration)
Possession and Utilization Period of Personal Information
The period when the member is qualified for membership is determined as the period of personal information possession and the period of utilization by the hospital.
Personal Information Termination Method
While the member is receiving services provided by 'homepage', personal information of the member is possessed by 'homepage' in order to provide services. But, if the member requests to unsubscribe to the procedure stated in Article 7 of 'homepage' provision, or has restricted and suspended membership qualification by the loss of membership qualification, personal information is deleted in a technical way in which regeneration is impossible and is processed so it cannot be read or used in any way.
Disclosure of Personal Information
In principle, 'homepage' does not share members’ personal information with other companies or organizations irrelevant to the services. An exception may occur when members agree to share information, when a provision of the homepage is violated, or when the service of the homepage is used to harm others or public morals. Legal action will be taken, and the personal information will go public. 'Homepage' will share personal information for statistics, academic research, market surveys, and mail dispatches to provide information in a form in which a particular person cannot be identified.
Personal ID / Password Management
Management and responsibility of ID and password of the homepage service is up to the members. The hospital does its best to protect personal information for the homepage service using members. But other than this effort, in order for each member to protect his/her own personal information effectively, he/she should manage his/her own ID and password and take responsibility for them. In case the member’s ID and password has leaked, the hospital does not take any responsibility. Also, the hospital does not ask for the member’s password by phone or e-mail under any circumstances. Therefore his/her ID and password should be used only by the member, and the password should be changed frequently. Also, the hospital does its best to protect personal information, but does not take responsibility for individual users’ mistakes or things that occur as a result of a lack of security on the internet.
The hospital uses 'cookies' that store and find your information frequently.
Cookies are text files we place in the user’s computer browser to store preferences. The hospital uses cookies for the following purposes
  • We use cookies to enhance our service by analyzing frequency or time of member or non-member visits. You can choose whether you will install cookies. Therefore, you can reset your browser to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies, or indicate when a cookie is being sent.
  • To refuse cookies: You can use your browser options to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies, or indicate when a cookie is being sent.
  • How to set (for Internet Explorer) : you may access Tools > Internet Options > Personal Information to refuse all cookies. However, some features and services may not function properly.
Reading, Editing, and Deleting Personal Information
Purpose of cookies: Cookies are used to provide customized personal services by analyzing frequency or time of member or non-member visits. Users have the choice of installing cookies. Therefore users can reset the browser to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies, or indicate when a cookie is being sent.
Refusing Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses
We refuse unauthorized collection of email addresses posted on the 'homepage' by using email collecting programs or other technical methods. Legal action will be taken against users by the regulations of Communications Network.
Personal Information Manager
  • Roles and duties of the personal information manager
  • Generalized duty to collect, use, provide, and manage personal information
  • Establish personal information protecting policy and related regulations
  • Inspection of illegal personal information violation by the staff or third parties
  • Assigning, managing, supervising, and educating personal information handlers
  • Managing and supervising personal information protecting situation of sharing enterprise and commissioned enterprises.
  • Prepare the best method for essential personal information matters of other users
  • Personal information managing responsibility
    • Name : Hyun-Jung Kang
    • Position : Chonnam National University Dental Hospital
    • Phone : 062)530-2500
    • E-mail :

We will take your reports and suggestions seriously, do our best to protect your personal information, and promptly answer your questions. You may report incidents to the following agencies.

  1. 1. Korea Information Security Agency ( / 1336)
  2. 2. Korea Association for ICT promotion ( / 02-580-0533~4)
  3. 3. Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Prosecutors' Office ( / 02-3480-3600)
  4. 4. Cyber Terror Response Center ( / 02-392-0330)